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Miller Brick helping to revitalize upstate New York with brand new del Lago Resort & Casino


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Del Lago

Miller Brick helping to revitalize upstate New York with brand new del Lago Resort & Casino

ROCHESTER, NY (March 27, 2017) – Miller Brick continues to be a premier supplier of brick and stone products in upstate New York with the opening of the brand new del Lago Resort & Casino in Tyre, NY. Hundreds flooded the Vegas-style casino for its opening on February 1st, and the buzz it has generated has cemented it as one of the hottest getaway spots around.

Local Rochester company Miller Brick supplied about 40,000 sq. ft. of Eldorado Fieldledge stone in the color “Veneto” for a modern and luxurious feel to the exterior. Inside the resort, Miller Brick supplied about 5,000 sq. ft. of thin brick in a special custom color blend, appropriately named “del Lago Special Blend.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of this massive $440 million project that is helping to inject energy into our local economy,” says Dave Degnan, President of Miller Brick. “We loved the challenge of finding just the right kind of stone and brick veneer to match the theme of this elaborate resort and casino, and we feel the end product meets our client’s needs.”

Miller Brick is the frequent go-to for many homeowners in the Rochester area for all types of indoor and outdoor projects including patios, pools, walkways, fireplaces, entrances and more. However, the company is also busy with many large scale commercial projects in the area. Having supplied much of the brick for College Town at the University of Rochester and the recently constructed Golisano’s Children’s Hospital, Miller Brick is contributing to the resurrection of the city of Rochester in a big way.

Its newest endeavor is a building at the end of Fauver Stadium at the U of R in which Miller Brick is suppling an array of Glen Gery brick for the exterior. SWBR Architects and the Pike Company, both local to Rochester, are also behind the project.



For seasoned professionals and novices alike, Miller Brick offers an unsurpassed level of service not available anywhere else. Their friendly and knowledgeable team guides their clients through every step of their projects – brain storming, planning, budgeting, product selection and installation, and will ensure their satisfaction is met throughout this exciting experience.

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local company Miller Brick secures COVETED contracts to re-build rochester


ROCHESTER, NY (November 17, 2014) – Miller Brick Company has always been a staple in the Rochester area – since 1949, the Ridgeway Avenue small business has supplied brick and stone for residential and commercial projects like.

But recently, Miller Brick embarked on its most prestigious project yet – adding to the Rochester, NY skyline and bolstering the local economy in the process.

Miller Brick secured the exclusive contract to build the new Golisano Children’s Hospital at The University of Rochester – supplying over 400,000 Glen-Gery bricks to construct the project. The hospital, located on Crittenden Boulevard and attached to the Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital, will open in the summer of 2015. With eight floors, and 245,000 square feet of space with a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the $145-million project is one that Miller Brick is proud to be a part of.

“The fact that this hospital, which is world-renowned, hired Miller Brick as their contractor really says a lot about Rochester,” explains Mike Ksczanowicz, President for Miller Brick. “Together we are using local resources – local laborers and suppliers – and in turn we are really revitalizing the city and the skyline.”

The construction of the new Golisano Children’s Hospital comes on the tail of several other multi-million dollar local contracts that Miller Brick has been awarded. Glen-Gery brick was also used to build the highly anticipated College Town at the University of Rochester, which includes Barnes & Noble, , and dozens of shops and restaurants; along with Arriscraft Renaissance Masonry Units to construct the new Hilton Garden Inn.

Over at Nazareth College, Miller Brick supplied over 100,000 McAvoy bricks for the new Carroll Hall, which were custom colored specifically for the college. This same brick was used just two years ago to construct Nazareth’s Math & Science Building.

“We are extremely proud of all the work we are doing in the area,” adds Ksczanowicz. “Everybody knows you can come to Miller Brick to get a patio, or to get a fireplace. But these large commercial applications are allowing us to leave our mark on the city we’ve called home for over 60 years.”

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