What are my options when converting from a wood burning fireplace?

At Miller Brick, our Fireplace Division is dedicated to helping homeowners find the right fireplace unit for their home – after all, there are literally dozens of options to choose from. And the vernacular can get tricky. Do you actually need a fireplace – or will an insert or gas log set do the trick? In this week’s blog post, we want to break down some popular options available for that group of homeowners who are interested in converting from a wood burning fireplace to a gas unit. Why go from wood to gas? Beyond the sheer work involved (think of how many times you’ve had to haul that shop vac into your living room just to clean up the aftermath of one fire), gas fireplaces run cleaner and more efficiently, potentially saving you up to 20% on your heating bills.  

If you have an existing wood burning fireplace, you actually have the most options available when converting to a gas unit. Why? Because you have an existing structure already built (the hearth and chimney) that allow for a fire. Now, let’s look at the options. 


Miller Brick carries the Majestic Ruby Gas Insert – one of the most popular models available. A gas insert is (you guessed it) inserted into an existing hearth, providing a turn-key solution to transition from wood-burning to gas. Since the existing structure allows for a direct vent, installation is easy and headache-free. One of our experts from our dedicated Fireplace Division can get you up and running in a day, and you will instantly have the means to heat your room with a flick of a switch. 


Gas log sets are another popular option for use in existing wood burning fireplaces. Miller Brick carries American Hearth Gas Log sets, and starting at just over $500, these log sets are the perfect upgrade for a fireplace that begs to be on display. Choose from three different models, depending on your preference. Gas log sets differ from inserts in that they are placed openly in your hearth, without an enclosure. A gas line is connected to the unit, and you control the flame with a flick of a switch. Although gas log sets don’t provide the same level of heating capabilities as a gas insert, they are a great low-cost option for customers who crave the ambiance of a real flame. 

Remember, just because a gas fireplace requires LESS maintenance than a wood burning unit, that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore it. Per manufacturers suggestions, a gas fireplace should be assessed and cleaned on an annual basis by a qualified technician to maintain optimal performance and heating efficiency. Miller Brick’s dedicated Fireplace Division is certified in installation, service, repairs and maintenance, and can perform this annual assessment and cleaning with ease. 

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