Top 8 Outdoor Design Trends for 2020

We are headed straight into the 2020 outdoor season and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead! Our contractors (the best in Rochester, if we do say so ourselves!) will be designing and installing new outdoor spaces all over the region, and we wanted to garner some insight and find out what’s hot this year. Here are the top 8 trends that will continue to shine throughout 2020 AND create a classic look that is always timeless.

1) Grass Accents

I know – it seems odd that a paver supplier would push for more…grass. But given the right design and installer, accents of grass spaced throughout an outdoor area are absolutely stunning. Just take a cue from Belgard, with the newly built 2020 HGTV Dream Home. They used square pavers, each placed distinctively with several inches of grass in between and viola – the vibe is instant outdoor chic.

2) Indoor Flooring – Outdoors

We saw this trend emerge last year, and based on buying behaviors, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! It’s easy to see why. Dramatic lines, luxurious materials, and a sense of comfort embody this look brought to us by Belgard. Their vast selection of porcelain pavers is the perfect way to capture this once-indoor-only look this summer.

3) Elaborate Walkways

Speaking of using indoor flooring, just check out this recent walkway done by one of our contractors – CG Hardscapes. Between the classic curves of the walkway and the clean lines of the porcelain pavers, you have a striking combination that is sure to leave the Amazon delivery man in awe. And you know…everybody else who comes over as well. Installation is key on such an intricate design, so be sure you turn to a professional when attempting this kind of look!

4) Jagged Edges

Let all your neighbors have that cookie cutter look in their yard – it’s time to get edgy and let your home stand out! Jagged accents, whether it’s on walkways, patios, fire pits, or in place of a retaining wall, give your outdoor space something truly extra and unique. Here, Bricks Landscape used pavers and boulders from Miller Brick to create this one-of-a-kind walkway in Webster, NY.

5) The Fire Pit – Reimagined

Continuing with our “jagged edges” theme, we just had to highlight this fire pit, designed and built by CG Hardscapes. It’s certainly not something you see often. Inspired by campfires in the wilderness, which are anything but neat and tidy, this look brings a new level of wow to your patio and yard.

6) The “Catio”

Yep – we just went there. According to Custom Catios of Los Angeles, a “catio is the ultimate enrichment environment for an indoor cat — a completely enclosed, escape-proof, open-air space where cats can enjoy warm weather, observe the outdoors, and interact with each other.” Ok, so even if the catio trend isn’t sweeping the nation just yet, we still think it’s pretty cool. How gorgeous would some veneer stone from Miller Brick look on the outside of one of these structures?

7) Outdoor Fireplaces

At one point, the only real option for some outdoor heat came from a wood burning fire pit. But things have really progressed in terms in options for outdoor flames. Miller Brick carries the Heatilator brand of gas fireplaces, and we have a full selection of outdoor units that will instantly add value and warmth to your outdoor space. Just look at this setup – who wouldn’t love to have a glass of wine out here?

8) A Rocky Climb

If you haven’t noticed, all of these hot trends for 2020 are about bucking the status quo and embracing a newer, jagged aesthetic for your yard. This stair setup is no exception. With some natural stone steps from Cambridge and an array of large rocks and boulders, all from Miller Brick, these backyard stairs grab anyone’s attention.