An almost instant gratification design element, stone veneer deserves front and center attention. Whether you are surrounding a fireplace, creating a grand entrance, or enhancing a building or home façade the simple yet gorgeous appeal of veneer stone transforms your project into a work of art. With so many different colors, textures, and profiles, the Miller Brick showroom is the perfect place to browse and brainstorm ideas.


Casa Di Sassi Classic, old world Italian Style

Boulder CreekTextures and palettes that create a rugged authentic look

Get Real Stone100% real full-bed and thin stone, mined and processed in the USA
house exterior
white rectangle with gray stroke
house exterior

Full stone veneer offers robust beauty to any home or place of business. The thicker nature of the stone adds to its depth and dimension, creating an even stronger illusion of a building that has been entirely constructed with stone or masonry materials.

The added appeal of shapes and larger sizes combined with the durability and resistance to elements are just some of the benefits of working with this type of product. There are a wide range of different types of stone available, making it easy for architects, project managers and home builders to achieve the right look for their properties. Whether your sense of style is modern and cool or traditional and cozy, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Inspired by the true beauty of natural stone, hand-crafted veneer stone makes it possible yet affordable. Veneer stone, sometimes called Cultured Stone, is carefully crafted to exhibit similar qualities of natural stone such as unique color, texture, and durability so you can achieve the look and feel of real stone at a lower cost. But because of its lightweight composition veneer stone can be used in a variety of both interior and exterior applications.


For those that crave the “real thing,” natural thin stone is mined from the earth and offers unique qualities since no two pieces are the exact same. Some of the popular natural stones being mined include marble, quartzite, sandstone, onyx, and the like. Miller Brick carries a large variety of natural thin stone that ranges in many colors, shapes, textures, and designs.


Unlike stone veneer which is highly variable, brick is a more traditional unchanging look. Because brick is and has always been a manufactured product, it is a simple extension of full-size brick only a thinner version to apply to exterior masonry. Thin brick is less expensive, more lightweight, and easier to install. At a third the size of a standard brick, it is also much more affordably shipped. Thin brick is a great choice for those who appreciate the classic appeal of brick – one that never goes out of style!